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Steer Clear From These Drywall Installation Mistakes

Tips From Drywall Installation Contractors


Installing drywall to your room can be a new and challenging experience. You get to choose the exact finish, design, color, texture and look. However, there are certain factors that will make your drywall look like junk. A simple mistake is what it takes to fail your project. So, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when installing drywall, according to professional drywall installation contractors:

Not considering the edge support

Drywall corners are framed properly so it will stay upright and won’t fall. The corners or edges are called edge support. If these are not balanced or manufactured right, it might force you to buy a new one, which is another expense, or use other alternatives that will eventually damage your drywall. You can hire professional drywall installation contractors if you don’t know what to do.

Not finding the right frame location

Life is not a guessing game, so as installing drywall. If you don’t have an accurate spot or location for the frame, it will give you a hard time putting the screws and will eventually wreck your project. Most DIY homeowners commit this mistake and it is overwhelming in the long run when all you need is to put marks as an indicator. To avoid such inconvenience, a professional drywall service provider can do the work for you.

Not cutting tapered edges

Leaving the edges without a gap will result in the chipping of the corners. As such situations, you will have to remove the drywall. and install it back again. Professional drywall repair and installation experts can cut those tapered edges properly.

Not having a few joints

Drywall installation is a serious task. It is time-consuming and overwhelming. If you have plenty of joints in your drywall, your work will become more tedious. It is easier if you use the longest or widest drywall sheet than having multiple joints.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be good to go with your drywall installation project. Mr Gray's Interior Painting and Drywall Services is one of the ideal drywall installation contractors that you can turn to. Call (404) 301-0738 now for more details. We are based in Atlanta, GA.

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