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Pros and Cons of Drywall

Tips From a Professional Drywall Contractor


Are you planning to divide your room? If you are, then you might be torn on what to do—either to go for drywall installation or concrete construction. Choosing the latter takes time and probably requires complete remodeling, while the former is quite easy and convenient to do. If you’re planning to go with drywall installation, here are some of its pros and cons that you might want to consider according to a professional drywall contractor:

Here are the pros of installing drywall:


If you are looking to cut overall costs with your project, choose drywall compared to concrete. Materials made for drywall are durable and are available. However, it is not as durable and stable compared to concrete.


If you want to partition the room as soon as possible, hanging or installing drywall is the best thing to do. Drywall is readily available in any market and can be purchased immediately if requires. If you want to replace a panel, it’s easy to look for spare sheets that will definitely match your current one. A drywall painting expert will be able to remove the paint or repaint to match your current panel.

Easy to Install

Call a professional drywall contractor and you will have excellent results that are done right the first time. If you are renovating your room, it will speed up the entire process since you don’t have to wait for the cement to dry.

Easy to Remove

Whenever you change your mind and will renovate your room in the future, drywall can be easily torn down and removed from its location without a full renovation.

Here are the cons of installing drywall:

Can Be Easily Damaged by Water

One of the major drawbacks of drywall is that it is susceptible to water damage. If your drywall is located or installed near the bathroom, make sure to maintain it all the time so molds will not grow and sheets will not fall.

Not as Durable as Concrete

As mentioned, drywall is not that extremely durable. Constant bumping and hitting will eventually lead to cracks and holes. It is also weak when it comes to withstanding impacts.

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