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When to Call Drywall Repair Contractors


Being comfortable in your house is a high priority; you can get new furniture for your living area or change decor, but the insulation in the attic or walls is an important factor in the comfort of your home on a long-term basis. Drywall repair contractors know that climate comfort in a home can depend on its age. If your house is newer, you probably have long-lasting or high-quality insulation to match, but older homes may be insulated with materials that get weak over time and may require new installation sooner than you think. Below are the 3 signs that it may be time to replace your drywall or insulation.

Popping nails

Occasionally, if nails aren’t securely in the center of the stud or joint, a nail may pop through the drywall. Don’t reach for the hammer and try to nail it back because you can do further damage and the nail can eventually come out again. You can remove the nail and find where the stud is, then nail it through in a slightly different point, so you know it’s securely and properly fastened. Talk to your drywall contractor.

Furniture scuffs

Furniture scuff marks are another form of damage you may find even before you move into your house. Normally, they’re smaller and have the appearance of a marker or pencil stain. Avoid scuffs by carefully moving items around in your house and not placing bigger furniture too close to the wall. If the damage hasn’t ripped off pieces of drywall, the problem can be solved with an easy-to-find cleaning sponge.

Major cracks

One of the common and overlooked damage is cracks because it’s hard to determine, especially those found near the edges. For a fact, ignoring the smallest crack will lead you to more complicated and costly replacements. If you want to avoid spending a hefty sum of money, call a drywall contractor and have it checked. Patching and the application of primer can eliminate these cracks.

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